One fine day, Dawn Fye, an eye-catching resident in the Harrisburg neighborhood was out renovating her home. Linda Kelso "We'll get through it.". He points out that, like any other town of any size, Shepherdstown has similar problems and issuesand his job, above all else, is to listen, be civil, and balance discussions so that the community has fair representation. Today, however, with a pandemic laying waste to many towns, Shepherdstown is also feeling the pain. Your IP address is listed in our blacklist and blocked from completing this request. Elinor Ross Unlike the CARES Act money, which initially came with a December 2020 deadline which has since been extended communities have until the end of 2024 to commit the American Rescue Plan funds and until the end of 2026 to spend the money. Brown John & Terri Griffith Matthew Merkle & Katherine Hall Meyer Family Trust Peter & Victoria Smith Benefactor $500 - $999 Frank & Wilma Coe Frederic & Anne D'Alauro William Drennen, Jr. Ronald Kepple Chris Stroech grew up in Shepherdstown and attended local schools before graduating with a law degree from West Virginia University. Lets kind of take a step back and look at what some of our common goals are.. Public infrastructure: we all know living here in West Virginia that that is something that has been significantly underfunded for a number of years. Barbara Myers SHEPHERDSTOWN - Imagine calling the mayor of your town and asking him or her to remove a bird trapped in your rain spout. 2021 Members - Historic Shepherdstown Our Members as of December 31, 2021 Preservation $1,000 & Up John Allen, Jr. Frank C. "Joe" Khare, Jr. & Cheryl A. My parents saw all our games. 1:07 SHEPHERDSTOWN, W.Va. Shepherdstown Mayor Jim Auxer's fight to turn the 279-year-old Thomas Shepherd's grist mill into the premier symbol of the town's history fell apart Tuesday.. And as one of the Panhandle's greenest, most outdoor-friendly locations, he feels it's everyone's responsibility to help keep Shepherdstown clean. Mayor Jim Auxer, left, stands in front of the trunk full of cat food with Mountain Cats TNR Founder Tina Creller on Dec. 30. Public comments will be accepted until July 16. Incumbent Town Recorder Lori Robertson, who was unopposed in the election, received 236 votes. Susan Mayer Dave & Jean Anne Pugh 129 E. German St. John & Helen Burns Blake Swihart & Laura Krinock The lad loved football but he also loved history, and Shepherdstown was a great recruiting tool. I do what I can.. Utilizing a professional background in psychology, Amerikaner looks forward to attending meetings and working together with his colleagues and townspeople on issues that affect everyone, and sees his new position as an opportunity to spotlight public acknowledgement of systemic disparities and the need for sustained evidence-based attempts to address them at the local, as well as national levels. He's also been a member of the Water Board since 2012. When Professor Harold Goldberg wrote D Day in the Pacific, critics said he gave us one of the best accounts of the Battle of Saipan ever. If you are unable to locate needed information, please contact Town Hall at 30-876-2312. Karen Kiaer Critics questioned his spending priorities as hundreds of millions of CARES Act dollars went untouched. Auxer was forced to do the same to stay in the auction. The Museum will be closed for the winter and reopen in the spring. shepherdstown Shepherdstown Mayor Jim Auxer is proud to point out that, even throughout the pandemics worst months and the challenges they presented, his town managed to maintain its services and keep on all its government workers. You can pay your bill at Town Hall located at 104 North King Street (in person or using the dropbox), online at, or by phone at 304-318-8590. Jim & Mary Clare Eros Wayne & Teresa McLaughlin He said Its not like you see on TV. Miraculously, this well-documented riot resulted in no deaths despite the three-day hostage situation and $250 million in damages. Kelch died in August 2015. Jill Craig The Corporation Of Shepherdstown, under the management of Mayor Jim Auxer, was awarded the 2011 Preservation Award for their continued support of The Historic Entler Hotel Building. My father loved watching me play ball. Today, Jim gives Shepherd College credit for helping him build the foundation for his life. The damage to the rear wall extends to the roofline. The U.S. Congress passed the American Rescue Plan in March. Dawn, Joselyn and I will open gifts and celebrate a little in the morning and then Ill go to work. Why does the boss work holidays? Mayor Jim Auxer "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. There is significant damage to the right rear corner and right rear side of the building. Eleanor Finn Changes for the better. You have permission to edit this article. Shepherdstown Mayor Jim Auxer said he is happy people are pleased with the decision and that he supported the change because he believed it would be a positive one. We now have opportunities to better communicate various services to you, whether via a message on your bill or an additional insert that comes as part of your billing statement. Rebecca Phipps Martin Burke & Barbara Spicher First elected in 2008, Jims leadership has since worked to maintain the towns status as a crown jewel of West Virginia. SHEPHERDSTOWN, W.Va. Shepherdstown Mayor Jim Auxers fight to turn the 279-year-old Thomas Shepherds grist mill into the premier symbol of the towns history fell apart Tuesday. Shepherdstowns 2020 municipal election wrapped up on July 21paving the way for three new town council members. Posted in Uncategorized. John Bresland & Beth Batdorf We, and our neighbors, have been witness to an amazing spring ritual in recent years. The CATF event scheduled for July 9th will be held in the parking lot of the Marinoff Theater at 62 West Campus Drive on Shepherd University Campus. Coinciding with his current role at Arnold & Bailey in Charles Town, Stroech also volunteers on the Shepherdstown Tree Commission, Planning Commission, and Recycling Task Force. Frank & Annette van Hilst Call 304-876-0910 on Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday to inquire. Mayor Jim Auxer, Corporation of Shepherdstown. John Allen, Jr. Sue Collins When you lead you have to be willing to show your people youre willing to do what they have to do. As for the real need to be thereThese men need counseling at Christmas more than any other time. I taught her how to ride her bike. Then My wife and daughter are wonderful. Though Jim has had little time to ride lately, Bernie at 28 is still around, just not in the New Street house. Adam & Shannon Thomas Itll build your community, Stolipher said. Upton & Ann Martin Please enjoy the other open spaces in the parks with enacted and recommended guidelines. That kind of collaboration can be seen in Jefferson County. Auxer was unable to top a $365,000 bid by a Jefferson County, W.Va. businessman during a public foreclosure auction in front of the county courthouse. The governors office did not respond to an email asking about what the rest will be used for. The library received immediate attention when the damage was discovered. Jim & Peachy Staley Butit was Dawn who drove her to practice at the crack of dawn and to swim meets around the state every weekend. At the end of the voting day on July 21, and after a few hours of counting, Auxer was reelected as mayor by a margin of 184 votes. Eventually he had responsibility for 250 inmates and 70 officers at Camp Hill. Judith Miller Jones But theres a lot of pressure for local governments to get it right. Hes also been a member of the Water Board since 2012. Marellen Aherne Tom Mayes & Rod Glover Local governments in West Virginia are receiving a collective $679 million in American Rescue Plan money. We must do our part to help flatten the curve. James Stuart Osbourn, Frances Bernstein Jim played for the Rams for four years, lettering four times and was chosen all-conference two years running. He was also the football coach at Broadrun High School where he worked with Shepherd alumni: Lynn Carr and Ronnie Pyles. Jane McSwain Im very proud of Joselyn and Im very proud of her mother. Jack Young, Keith Alexander Kelly Allen, executive director of the West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy, said most of the remaining money is planned to go toward compensating the states unemployment trust fund Justice has said this will later reduce taxes on businesses that typically fund unemployment benefits and to pay off a loan the state had taken from the U.S. Department of Labor during the pandemic to keep the trust fund solvent., Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_15_7) AppleWebKit/605.1.15 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/15.5 Safari/605.1.15. Thats what I do. Martin & Marlyn Keesecker Copyright Shepherdstown Chronicle | | 123C S. Duke Street, Shepherdstown, WV 25443 | 304-876-3380. Bob & Linda Reynolds All Rights Reserved. Auxer estimates Shepherdstown lost a couple hundred thousand dollars in revenue due to the pandemic, but he credited federal relief money for helping keep the town whole. Auxer believes this will also help tourism of the city. The county, at the tip of the Eastern Panhandle, offers a quick commute to the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. Now at Shepherd College football was big, the school could pick and choose. Edwinna Bernat Dow Benedict & Annette Gloomis Rhys & Jennifer Gerholdt Kath Meadows The Farmers Market location is being evaluated. Its the only way to learn and rectify situations. And Yes it looks like theres going to be a Shepherd parking garage.. You will have the option to sign up for paperless billing and autopay by clicking here. Were a close family., Back to 1999 After 28 years at Camp Hill State Prison, Jim decided it was time to go and joined the staff of Eastern Regional Jail as Vice President of Prime Care. Jim Ford has been a resident of Shepherdstown for nearly two decades, and upon this most recent reelection, is enjoying a seventh term on the council. Incumbent council members David Rosen, Mark Everhart and David Springer did not seek reelection. He looks at his role on the council as a service to the community he loves and an opportunity to listen, and then listen some more. Dick & Judy Pharr Jesse showed Roscoe game film, a dazzled Roscoe reports back to Shepherd and the rest is history. Betsy Coffey Jim Auxer was the first in his family to go to college. Auxer said in a brief telephone interview Wednesday morning that he was "humbled" by the voters' faith in him as the town works through the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Spiker announced the first bid of $277,000, plus one dollar.. Now the top of the list is broadband and then water and sewer.. Only half of what governments are due through the American Rescue Plan is available this spring; the other half cant be accessed until next year. SHEPHERDSTOWN This Tuesday from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m, the polls in Town Hall will be ready for Corporation of Shepherdstown residents to vote in the 2022 Municipal Election. While incumbent mayor Jim Auxer retained his officealong with town recorder, Lori Robertsontown council members Cheryl Roberts and Jim Ford won reelection, and were joined by newcomers Jenny Haynes, Marty Amerikaner, and Chris Stroech.,, 2020 Election Produces Both New and Familiar Faces. Both water and power were disconnected and the area surrounding the building was cordoned off for safety. When none was offered, he declared Spaur the owner. They collectively lent her around $267,000 on the promise that she would include them in her will, he said. Mayor Jim Auxer. Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. In 2000 Jim Auxer decided to run for mayor of Shepherdstown. Frank C. Joe Khare, Jr. & Cheryl A. Beverly Belchik Well, imagine no more for that mayor actually exists and he's Jim Auxer of Shepherdstown. All rights reserved. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." We have a leader who is in constant contact with town committee members, seeing that all information is verified, the public is informed and needs, especially those of the elderly, dont go unnoticed. David & Margaret Coe One such recount was about a very young marine, one Arthur James Auxer Jr. Auxer was stationed on a ship in the Pacific near Pearl Harbor. Frederic & Anne DAlauro, Erdem & Joan Ergin And the small Eastern Panhandle town is about to receive a lot more federal relief funds $800,000 through the American Rescue Plan. In Mayor Jim Auxer, Shepherdstown has such a leader. Terry & Diane Fulton Downtown Shepherdstown. Gaylen & Karen Johnson And loving it. The recruiting network that came into play included Roscoe Warner, coach at Harrisburg Susquehanna who spent summers coaching training camp at Shepherd and Jesse Riggleman, Roscoes good friend and Central Dolphin Coach. Shepherdstown isnt alone in trying to determine how to spend such a significant amount of funds. They need to talk and have someone listen. Shepherd wanted Jim Auxer. Michael Hamady SHEPHERDSTOWN Shepherdstown Mayor Jim Auxer said he shed a "little tear," when he heard the news that Shepherd University's former president, Suzanne Shipley, created a $50,000 endowment fund in his honor. Dale Walter He didnt say he starred for hes a modest man but he was captain and all-state defense, so starring was a good guess. Henry Willard Robertson was uncontested in the race, winning with 236 votes. He was the older of Ruth and Arthurs two sons. Thomas Banks High 49F. James & Lou Ann Stovall Peter & Lois Spreen Ann Christy All rights reserved. Sara Smith Kathy Sholl Jerry & Susan Bucey Linda Hope Journal photo by Toni Milbourne Greentree Realty A council member for the past four years, Roberts is committed to ensuring that all town residents are informed, treated fairly, and feel included, and that safety and health is consistent priorityboth during the pandemic and beyond. He was appointed executor of the will of Patrinka Kelch, owner of the mill. Sorry, there are no recent results for popular commented articles. One night, for no explicable reason a fire broke out onboard and spread wildly and with deadly speed. Richard Irwin Canvassing of the ballots cast, including provisional ballots, is scheduled for Monday. "NO, I didn't expect to win," he laughed. Donald & Dorrene Hale John & Hope Snyder Yesterday afternoon the building was assessed. Paul & Lisa Welch Overall, West Virginia will receive more than $4 billion in assistance through the American Rescue Plan, according to information provided by U.S. Sen. Joe Manchins office. In 2000 Jim Auxer decided to run for mayor of Shepherdstown. His first job out was at Sully Elementary in Sterling, Va., teaching 4th grade. If you are unable to locate needed information, please contact Town Hall at 30-876-2312. "We want everybody to be safe and healthy," Auxer said. Auxer, 73, received 224 votes and Cotgreave received 40 votes, according to unofficial results that were posted online early Wednesday. Information regarding the COVID-19 can also be found on the Town's website and Facebook page. The repairs were approved within hours. The mill has been standing at what today is 207 E. High St. since it was built in 1738 or 1739. Eighteen years later, the Auxer home, now with kittens Chief and Teke, is still that wonderful place on New Street. 304.876.0910 Rick & Shannon Taylor Ford is focused on Shepherdstowns economic viabilityfrom town hall to main street. Elisabeth Staro Bill Drennen It was the 1960s and college wasnt something that was a given for a lot of high school grads. The new format also includes a graph showing water usage so that you will be able to monitor your water consumption. My friends loved them and still go to see my mom. Jims high school buddies dont just make a pass-by at Ruth Auxers either. The new funds can be used for water and sewer projects, broadband and to backfill lost revenue, all of which Auxer is interested in doing with the money. "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hes the recipient of awards and honors such as 2009 SU Alumni of the Year and takes it all in with humility. James Leathers The sidewalk that runs along the Sweet Shop will be open to pedestrians beginning Friday, July 9th. That internet access is important everywhere in West Virginia, including in Jefferson County. EMAIL US. Jerry Bock & Bruce Massey In 1972 Jim finally got an opportunity to work in the major league of tough cases when he became a counselor at Camp Hill State Prison in Harrisburg. Auxer said he is proud the town is the first to make the change and that he wants the town to be a trendsetter. SHEPHERDSTOWN, W.Va. Shepherdstown Mayor Jim Auxer was elected to another two-year term in Tuesday's municipal election, defeating challenger Todd Cotgreave, according to unofficial results. In what Robertson described as a contested race this yeardue to heightened political awareness overall, as well as seven members running for five council positions, including a challenge to the mayormore than 200 voters participated, compared to just 45 voters in 2018. D Day in the Pacific sites acts of bravery so profound its hard to believe theyre non-fiction. Regent Nicewarner said, "November is Native American Heritage Month. Auxer plunged into the Pacific again and again to rescue brothers who had jumped to extinguish flames already eating away at their bodies. James & Mary Holland Pam Miller We were looking for a place where we felt most comfortable.. She said a plan needs to be developed that reduces disparities and targets those most in need.